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We are a digital and web agency in Bucharest, specialized in web&mobile app development + webdesign + AR & VR apps + digital marketing. Whether you are a major brand, start-up, small business, international organization or NGO, we will take care of technology to help you achieve your objectives.

  • Claudiu Marcu
    Claudiu Marcu Chief Creative Officer
  • Cristian Mogodici
    Cristian Mogodici Digital&Client Service
  • Cristea Daniel
    Cristea Daniel Web Developer
  • Alin Răuță
    Alin Răuță Web Developer
  • Stefan Popescu
    Stefan Popescu Copywriter&Strategy
  • Flavia Furtoș
    Flavia Furtoș Creative Design
  • Emilia Popescu
    Emilia Popescu iOS Developer
  • Radu Popescu
    Radu Popescu Android Developer

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News by the people, for the peopleNews directly relevant to those reading it
Proximity Marketing PlatformBeaconit empower you to increase sales
An A.I. pathology companyThat use machine learning to understand and diagnose diseases
Domeniile UrlațiUn vin pentru un rege
Pelin de UrlațiStai Pe Lin
Vinul MoștenireaUn strop de istorie
Vinuri de MăcinFurnizor al Casei Regale a României
Succulent GardenLet Love Grow
OneLifeMealsGet on the meals

La 100 de ani de la Marea Unire din 1918, Moștenirea noastră este omagiul pe care îl aducem după sufletul nostru, al românilor.
Vinul Moștenirea este un cupaj de Fetească Neagră și Băbească Neagră. Este rezultatul curiozității vinificatorului de a lua ce e mai bun de la pământurile locului. S-a jucat în fel și chip până a ajuns la ce avem acum în pahare. Este un vin tânăr care, dacă i se dă ocazia să învechească în sticla, va spune povestea locului în tonuri aromatice foarte interesante.

Succulent Garden is a leader in e-commerce specialised in succulents and gardening.

Pasiunea pentru arta vinului este cea care a dat nastere Pelinului. Un vin “aperitiv”, usor, care se bea rece. Un vin a carui poveste s-a pierdut printre miile de alte povesti pe care le-a creat. Folosind o infuzie complet naturala din ierburi aromatice am dat nastere unei arome unice.


The Onelife philosophy is that food is the best form of proactive and reactive medicine. Our program is designed around the concept of time restricted eating. When we consume the correct meals at the correct times, our body learns to trust us and our metabolism increases. This is the best and most sustainable way to improve our physical and mental health, lose fat and gain muscle mass. More details on https://www.onelifemeals.com/

Fast and accurate diagnosis of disease. Zaya is a digital pathology company that uses machine learning to better understand and treat diseases. The aim is to make it easier for pathologists to diagnose diseases by using A.I. to more quickly and accurately analyze images of cells. More details on https://www.zaya.ai/

Beaconit enables apps to enhance their mobile strategy with geofencing and location-based push notifications through an easy to use platform.
This enables apps to engage their users with highly relevant messages based on location. More details on https://beaconit.ro/en/

Zoomzet is an online platform making news more accessible, more relevant and more instantaneous for all. Users form a worldwide community of citizen journalists who discover and report on the news that’s happening around them, as it happens!With this in mind, Zoomzet was born: a platform that delivers an easier way to discover and report news that’s important to people. It’s simple really - the future of news is here. More details on https://zoomzet.ro/